Who are notjust?

We are notjust. We’re a registered social enterprise built up of socially conscious creatives. Based in the UK everything we produce is designed and produced right here!  Since we started out in 2017, we've been committed to creating ethical and sustainable products that drive positive social impact.

Our products are designed to capture the nation’s attention whether we’re making them laugh or driving awareness around critical issues (or both!) It's our core belief that our products should make a difference by provoking thought or a chuckle, and stimulating real life change.

Through each of our viral campaigns we have raised over £85,000 for charities including Save the Children, Kicking Off, Mind, The Big Issue and many more.
The fashion industry is bursting at the seams with new designs and collections released all year round, so it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most thriving industries in the world. However, there is a dark side to this industry that we as consumers and business owners can no longer ignore. Together, we have the responsibility and the power to combat the drastic impact that fast fashion has had on our planet and our society.

At notjust, we believe that every little change can lead to a big impact. That’s why we have taken actions to make significant changes to our products and the way we run our business. So what exactly have we done?

Using more sustainable materials

Our 2021 collection of Christmas Jumpers are all made from recycled materials including recycled waste acrylic yarn. On top of that we've released our most sustainable jumper to date! Our “100% Recycled Attenbrr” jumper is made up of 90% recycled plastic bottles & 10% recycled acrylic yarn. Using these materials allows us to divert yarn and plastic from landfills and oceans whilst consecutively eliminating the need to produce new yarn.

All the packing we use for our jumpers is completely biodegradable - meaning you can re-use it for everyday actions like bagging up food waste. While we love to see our customers come back to explore our range, we make things that should last and encourage year-on-year use of all purchases made with notjust. We believe this commitment to premium quality is a reaction against the ‘throwaway generation’ many of us live in today.

Reducing our carbon footprint

All knitwear production is done within the UK, and our fulfilment centre and returns hub are all located in close proximity in Manchester. By doing this, we ensure that carbon emissions from transport are kept low. Our carbon neutral partnership with DPD also allows us to utilise the same technology as other major retailers, ensuring our shipping processes are carbon neutral.

Promoting fair fashion

We’ve all heard the stories of big fashion brands opening factories in international lands claiming to help the local economy. However many of these factories are indeed sweatshops used to exploit people in order to meet a high demand whilst keeping costs low. Through creating all our garments domestically notjust can ensure that ethical working conditions and a fair wage are provided for workers. Additionally each knit is made using acrylic, enabling us to guarantee the material is created without any cruelty to humans or animals.

    Drop us a line

    As a small business, we can make changes fast – so we expect this to evolve as we expand. If you’re a business that believes it can help us achieve these goals faster, or you just fancy a chat get in touch. We’re always open to collaboration.