Our sustainability pledge

In the carbon-emitting world of fast fashion, it’s up to clothing brands to provide an alternative – for consumers, and for the planet. 

Since our inception we’ve worked hard to ensure that we provide products with a lower carbon footprint emission than anything you’ll find on the high street, and we’re aiming to be carbon neutral by 2022. This is how we’re going to get there:

Where we started

Our initial mission was to provide people with an ethical alternative to mass-produced Christmas jumpers sold on the high street and imported from overseas. 

Every product we’ve produced has been sourced and produced human and animal cruelty free and is created to a high standard – meaning they can be used year on year. Domestic production and distribution also keep our carbon emissions to a minimum. 

Where we are now

Since 2017, we've grown and we’re much better placed to approach our production process with the climate crisis in mind. Our carbon neutral partnership with DPD now allows us to utilise the same technology as ASOS in ensuring our shipping processes are carbon neutral, and all our packaging is completely biodegradable (meaning you can use it to bag up food waste, for example).

All our products are still produced domestically and ethically, and we routinely inspect our factories to ensure these standards are maintained.

Our pledge for the future

We understand that there is always room for improvement. We’re constantly looking at new ways to achieve increased sustainability.  Based on where we started and where we are now, we have distilled our aims into a three-point pledge for the future:

  1. For all of our Christmas Jumpers to be carbon neutral within 3 years 
  2. To offer a range of jumpers made entirely of recycled yarn by 2020
  3. To share knowledge, partner with and help build a community of  likeminded, sustainably focussed groups and individuals working within the fashion industry 

As a small business, we can make changes fast – so we expect this to evolve as we expand. If you’re a business that believes it can help us achieve these goals faster, get in touch here. We’re always open to collaboration.